How To Play Omaha Poker Limit Amount For Beginners

While Texas Hold’em may be the most famous poker variation, Omaha Poker is a widely played game that offers plenty of entertainment and money-making opportunities. Omaha Poker is usually played with a stake limit. You may have seen the abbreviation PLO, which stands for Money Limit Omaha. This casino game gives players a lot of excitement and great money-making opportunities, and it’s quite simple to learn.

 If you already play Texas Hold’em, you should have no problem adapting to pot-limit Omaha, however, you may need to play with different strategies. However, if you’re completely new to poker then don’t worry, our extensive guide will teach you everything you need to know. After reading this article, you can jump into any game and start playing.

What is Omaha Poker?

What is Omaha Poker?

The basic game and steps of each round are the same as Texas Hold’em, with one exception. You will be drawn 4 cards instead of 2 and at the end of each round you can use your 2 best cards to form your poker hand. This doubles your odds and gives you a much better chance of hitting those highly sought after shots or lines, but it also makes it easier for your opponent. So, you need to be more careful when playing Omaha Poker, but once you have formed your strategy, you will realize it is extremely interesting and each round is highly eventful.

Advice for new players

Advice for new players

After playing Texas Hold’em, you will feel that Omaha poker is amazing. With double the number of trump cards, pairs, straights and cards will appear more often. However, you should not lose your head. The rounds can be more volatile and therefore you should approach Omaha poker with caution. When you start playing, you will find the game takes place at a completely different pace.

Choose and stick to your start

At first, you may feel inclined to always look at your two trump cards after the flop, the Turn and the River.

What if there were a better hand? Should you play in solid pairs or with flush potential? Are you wasting a good hand or playing carefully?

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It’s best to try to choose 2 cards and stick to them. Anything can happen in each round, and it’s possible you can have a better hand after all the community cards are dealt. However, if you keep guessing every step, this will affect the way you play. Don’t be discouraged by the four trump cards, just choose your two strongest cards and stick to them. In most cases, these will constitute your best hand.

Don’t overestimate small pairs

You may feel inclined to start strong if you have a pair in the hole. This is something you should avoid doing, especially if you have a low pair, as it will most likely be beaten on the flop. In pot limit Omaha poker, you should be suspicious of low pairs.

Be cautious with straight lines and low lines

The same goes for flushes and straights. These happen more often than Texas Hold’em and therefore you should not get too excited if you have a bucket of money or immediately after a failure. It’s still a strong hand, but chances are another player could have the same hand or straight. If you have high cards in addition to straight/flush, then you may have a better chance of beating that player.

Avoid calling

Each round of Omaha Poker can bring great cards to the players, and therefore the money increases at a much faster rate than with Texas Hold’em. Most players raise or fold at the table and not many choose to call during the first round of each betting period. There’s no room for hesitation, so raise or fold. If you have a good hand, don’t be afraid to raise the bet as this shows other players your intentions. If you fold, you save money for the next round, where you can get better cards. Limping (i.e. calling a bet every time) is punished quite severely. Additionally, you don’t want other players to think that you will always play your cards because they will take advantage.

Skillfully enhanced

This involves tips on how you should avoid making calls. There is a limit to the amount of money you can raise in Omaha Poker that limits the pot size, but you should still be cautious about maxing out that amount. Most players raise or fold, and in general, they do not bluff when raising. At a table with many players, bluffing is more difficult and can be costly. A player who starts the preflop round with a high raise usually has a good hand.

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Use your position in the betting cycle

This tip applies to all poker variations. Your position at the table can give you a huge advantage or it can leave you in the dark. Most players do not like to take turns early in each betting cycle. A big raise can scare off all the other players and then you can’t make the most of your hand. It is a skill to lure other players with a salary increase without any benefit. If you can do that, you can monitor how they react and when the cycle returns to you, you can decide whether to continue feeding the pot or wait until the next turn.

Rolling late in the betting cycle is beneficial because you don’t need to open the bet immediately. You can watch as the pot grows and based on how players react, you can decide whether to quit or join.

Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

Why is Omaha Poker played with pot limits?

Omaha Poker tends to yield stronger hands than Texas Hold’em. As a result, players will raise more often and for larger amounts. To ensure the game lasts longer and no one loses money in the first few rounds, the maximum amount you can raise is limited. Additionally, pot-limit Omaha games typically do not have really big “VIP blind” games, where the small/big blind ranges in the hundreds of dollars.

What’s the worst hand I can handle?

The worst hand you can be dealt in Omaha poker is four 2s. The most you can get out of that hand is a pair of 2s. This won’t get you far because even if the player else has a pair, it will always beat you (since you have all 2s so their pair will be 3s). Additionally, you cannot straight or flush because you need to use at least 2 cards from your 5-card hand.


Omaha limits are offered at Jilievo. If you’ve never played before then don’t worry, as you can often find low-stakes games or practice sessions. It’s not difficult to learn and it can be a very thrilling and rewarding game.

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